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Wow, World Chess Championship 1st Time Featured Live in VR

World chess championship will be featured live in 360-degree virtual reality

If you’ve never been to a world chess championship but wished you could here is your chance.

This November the World Chess Championship is announced to be broadcast using virtual reality technology. The match will take place in New York between Magnus Carlsen of Norway and his challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

“Everything we are doing is designed to enable viewers to get into the minds of the players, this is the first for the smartphone generation” said Ilya Merenzon, Chief Executive of Agon, the company that organizes the World Chess Championship. World Chess has teamed up with Livestream to bring this experience to chess fans.

 World Chess Championship IamVR Virtual Reality

The online broadcast will include commentary in multiple languages, with guest appearances from celebrity chess fans and a chess analysis engine, so that the viewers can gain an insight into the players’ strategic decisions. There will also be a number of cameras within the players’ arena to provide multiple angles on the match.

The virtual reality broadcast will be available through subscription only. A ticket for the entire championship will cost $15. For $45, viewers will also have access to enhanced technology broadcasts of the Grand Prix, which is part of the World Championship cycle; the World Blitz and Rapid Championships; and the 2018 World Championship.

Source: Haptic

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