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Work Up a Sweat with Holofit VR Fitness

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French company Holodia launches fitness project for Virtual Reality called Holofit VR Fitness. The concept is to enable people to workout in stationary environment like rowing machines or bicycles and to experience moving through a virtual world while exercising.

Start working out in the gym using VR headsets


Companies working within the virtual reality (VR) industry don’t just see the technology as a lethargic videogame platform, but as way of combining immersive media and fitness in one. VirZOOM has developed its VR bike controller, while French start-up Holodia is bringing VR to gyms across the world with its Holofit project.

The award-winning company – Laval Virtual Award and SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies Prize –  has announced that by working several tech companies, gyms and hotels across Europe including France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany and United Kingdom are being offered its fitness solution. Orders have already begun coming in from European businesses and the rest of the world (North America, Asia, and Middle East).

Holofit VR Fitness virtual reality sports fitness

The main idea behind Holofit is to alleviate boredom when training on cardiovascular equipment like bikes and rowing machines, by offering an immersive environment alongside stats and goals, encouraging and maintaining fitness work outs.

This is done by offering ten different landscapes to workout in, Tropical, Babylone, Aiguebelette Lake, Cosmos, Antarctica, Saturn Rings, White Forest, Under Water, Canyon and Skies. The kit also provides a personal fitness coach as well as online and multi-user options. And it’s all selected with head-movements so that no gamepad is required.

The package that Holodia provides companies with is an all-in-one solution including the software, HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and high-performance PC. The kit can then be used in a plug-and-play fashion with Concept 2 and Life Fitness machines.

Dr Anna Schlagowski PhD, Exercise Physiologist, Professional athlete is quoted a saying: “This product immerses you in a fantastic environment, a universe that stimulates you to train with motivation and tenacity. The desire to discover different virtual worlds is as strong as the desire to enhance further sports performance. There is no doubt this new tool allows you to train while time flies without you even noticing, and you progress much faster than with conventional fitness room equipment.”



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