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VR Visio can take you for a ride in a Cadillac CT6 in Barcelona

We recently sat down with VR Visio to talk with them about how they transformed the car showroom experience for Cadillac at an Expo in China.

Have you ever wondered what its like to be inside a car before you drive it?

The challenge consumers face when they attend a car show is that the experience is limited. You might be able to view the inside of the car and sometimes there is a green screen to simulate the view. However, these experiences are somewhat limited and frustrating. The green screen experiences are gimmicky at best and really lack any of the immersive experiences that people really want.

VR Visio IamVR Virtual RealityRecently, Cadillac decided to experiment with Virtual Reality by teaming up with VR Visio for a trade show in China. They wanted to go a step further to engage consumers in a realistic and immersive driving experience. The results were incredible.

“Cadillac is a luxury car and nearly every trade fair visitor would like to take a ride in it. We wanted to make it happen.” ­ Adam Cegielski, CEO of VR VISIO

This 360 video of the Cadillac experience can be watched using goggles or you can rotate the screen around  on your PC or tablet.

Driving through Virtual Barcelona sitting in a showroom

By combining a 360-degree stereoscopic video with 3D models, VR Visio created a fully ­immersive experience for trade show visitors. The material was turned into an interactive application designed for Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and other VR goggles. As you start the application, you can actually see the car assembling itself as it prepares to take you on a journey.

After the car has been built into a virtual “hyper­-realistic car model” with every detail, the car engine starts. You are then taken on an immersive Virtual Reality journey through the streets and landscapes of sunny Barcelona. The drive is taken from the position of the driver’s seat as you experience a variety of monuments and streets of the city. The experience is designed to give viewers the most realistic driving experience possible whilst sitting in a luxury sedan.

How did the Expo in China go?

Crazy to say the least! Imagine having a stand packed with people of all ages just itching to try out the Cadillac driving experience.

VR Visio IamVR Virtual Reality

Presented on the Cadillac’s company stand at the EXPO, the application attracted hundreds of visitors with around 500-­600 people trying out the Virtual Reality driving tour per day.

What’s clear is that this type of experience brought a lot of visitors to the stand. Chinese tourists already have a huge interest in travel and Europe so this experience just gave them an additional interest in participating in the experience.

So what’s next?

Is this the future of car shows and showrooms? One would think that other car makers would take this rather seriously. Castrol Oil has certainly recognised the value of this concept with their own VR racing experience, although this is limited to watching two race drivers.

I might be biased but I would love to try a zippy little red 2-seater from Italy. Joking aside, any experience like the Cadillac one is clearly just the start of Virtual Reality in the automotive industry.

It makes me wonder, could Virtual Reality and self-driving cars be the next step? Imagine sitting in your car while looking around in Shanghai, Milan or Aspen Colorado? Perhaps that will be the next big idea for VR Visio to work on. Prophecy or fantasy? Share your comments.

Written by: Paulii Good

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