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Vodafone Launches Its Own Vodafone VR Headset

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Vodafone is set to launch the Smart Platinum 7 that will have its own dedicated Vodafone VR Headset. The package is set to be more affordable than the competitor’ Samsung and Samsung Gear VR.

June 16, 2016

Written by: Emma Boyle

Vodafone Launches Its Own Vodafone VR Headset

The company’s Smart Platinum 7 handset will come with a dedicated VR headset.

Thanks to Samsung and the Samsung Gear, mobile phones with dedicated high quality virtual reality (VR) headsets aren’t a new phenomenon. However, Samsung’s handsets and its headset aren’t exactly easily affordable for every consumer. In an attempt to undercut the more expensive Samsung and forge a place in the affordable mobile VR market, mobile network Vodafone has announced a new affordable flagship device called the Smart Platinum 7 that will come with its own dedicated VR headset.

Vodafone VR Headset

Vodafone has been making its own mobile devices for 10 years now and the Smart Platinum 7 has all the features that we’ve come to expect from affordable flagship killers with a fingerprint scanner, a powerful camera, expandable storage, and an octa-core processor with a more than reasonable 3GB of RAM.

Where the handset really stands apart from other affordable alternatives is in its dedicated VR headset. So far Vodafone has revealed very little information about the headset, not even releasing images of it alongside images of the Platinum 7 phone. However, we do know the device will weigh 260 grams which is impressively light. That said, we imagine it will work like the Samsung Gear and require the phone to be slotted inside which will increase its weight, though probably not by much.

The Smart Platinum 7 will cost £300 pay as you go or £28 per month for a contract that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data in the UK. These prices are not likely to include the headset, however, which Vodafone has stated will be sold separately though it hasn’t released a price.


Source: VRfocus


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