Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Enjoy Life in this Ultimate VR Massage Chair – Medisana

Medisana integrates a massage chair experience with Oculus Rift

Germany Company Medisana has developed an integrated Oculus Rift and Massage chair into one experience. The chair provides a variety of deep massage experiences while you are in an immersive VR experience.


medisana virtual reality massage chair experience


The experience is designed to leave you on a beach just looking at and listening to the ocean waves. The experience puts you in a feeling that you are sitting on or close to the sand, so that you have the feeling of being on the beach. And as you look around you have a 180 degree view so you can look around a bit while relaxing.

This is just a example of some of the cool and more practical uses for virtual reality that we are beginning to see. Medisana has developed a reasonably straightforward chair with some good massage features. The experience of using Oculus Rift and being on their chair is what makes the experience fairly unique and enjoyable. And for those of you that are already dreading the winter days that are drawing upon us, at least here you can just sit on the beach in your warm home and drift to somewhere a bit nicer.

Medisana is working to develop an even more robust massage chair that will be product read for a variety of stores and perhaps for events or conferences as well. They are working on a variety of chairs as well to accommodate a range of business and target clients. Some of the massage “chairs” will even designed to fit over other chairs so that they can be transported easily and probably will come at a much lower entry point as well.

In the meantime, the VR massage chair is a great first step to giving me a nice place to relax on a cold winter day so I will be looking to try one again in the coming months.

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