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[Updated] Ubisoft demonstrates Just Dance VR at E3

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Ubisoft’s Just Dance VR prototype was showed at the E3. It is a 3-minute immersive experience. The Just Dance franchise will be launching on consoles in October 2016 although this is not part of the Just Dance 2017. The Just Dance VR prototype is their first entry into VR although there is no confirmed dates yet for their next VR product.


June 30, 2016

Written by: Paulii Good

Ubisoft showcases their initial efforts in Just Dance VR at the E3 with Just Dance

Just Dance gets a little VR treatment

While we originally reported on JustDance 2017 as becoming a VR product, we have been in touch with Ubisoft who have confirmed and shared the following update with us regarding their exciting roadmap ahead in the realms of VR.

The Just Dance VR Prototype which we showed at E3 2016 is a 3-minute immersive experience designed specifically for VR. It is not connected to Just Dance 2017, the next instalment of the Just Dance franchise that will launch on consoles this October 2016, and on NX platform next year. In its current state, the Just Dance VR prototype is our first foray into a virtual reality world, and it is not a commercial product that’s going to go on sale. We are always looking at the future and exploring new ways to experience Just Dance.” – Ubisoft Spokesperson

That being said, we are still excited about the prospects and direction of the Just Dance franchise. While the Just Dance 2017 is in development is not planned as a VR game (as originally reported), there are at least some prospects of future VR developments.


The VR direction of Just Dance

At the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), Ubisoft presented a wonderful experience full of music to engage their audience and to demonstrate the ongoing appeal of Just Dance. For those of you not familiar with Just Dance, the game provides you with a dancing experience using your skills in rhythm, movement and tempo which engages people in a fun and entertaining way. So naturally it would make sense to eventually move this into a VR experience at some point in the future. And from what what was shown in the E3, it demonstrates the possibilities of what could come in the future.

As for their release plans, they have also confirmed plans to release the current product to consoles as well as the the Nintendo NX platform next year. As for their future plans, lets just wait and see. If the E3 demo is anything to go by, there is certainly something promising and possible for us in the future.



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