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TwoBigEars joins Oculus Rift, FB buys

In Summary

TwoBigEars joins Oculus Rift. Facebook’s acquisition of TwoBigEars brings a new dimension to the Oculus Rift offering by now providing an immersive binaural sound experience in addition to the visual experience with the googles.


May 25, 2016

Written by Steve Good


Facebook acquires TwoBigEars, an immersive sound technology company

TwoBigEars is an immersive sound company that provides a Virtual Reality and 360 Cinematic sound experience. They are a private company that has been developing sound and audio technology to enhance the entire VR experience. Their technology called 3Dception, is a spatial audio platform for developing fast, efficient and scalable virtual and augmented reality experiences. They have been building both authoring and rendering tools within their Cinematic VR offering and have an additional games unit focussing on binaural sound and environment modelling to bring the truest and most immersive sound experience possible to the game being played.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality binaural sound TwoBigEars audio joins Oculus Rift
3DCeption, from TwoBigEars, acquired by Facebook

With this acquisition, Facebook through their Oculus Rift offering, is expanding their offering to include both the visual experiences provided with the goggles and an immersive sound experience with TwoBigEars. The sound technology will enable consumers to have the experience of sound being incredibly realistic and will move as the consumer is moving their heads much like in real life.

As TwoBigEars puts it, “Hear sounds with full elevation and front-back effects, up to resolution of a single degree with support for a range of input formats: mono, stereo, surround or ambisonics. Audio is no longer inside your head but out there in the environment, where it belongs.”

This is an exciting new development for the Facebook Oculus Rift community. We look forward to seeing this develop.



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