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GoPro 360 camera rig called Omni

Looking for a 360 Camera? In april GoPro revealed their latest and smaller 360 camera rig called the Omni for creating 360 videos.

The Professional-Consumer GoPro Omni Rig for 360 Videos

The sleek looking device is smaller than the previous rig and holds up to 6 GoPro Hero 4 video cameras. The spherical array is designed for professionals to capture, stitch and publish high resolution content to create virtual reality and immersive video experiences.

360 camera rig gopro omni

So what is stitching? Each camera individually takes a video of a particular point of view. So in order to bring all the videos together, software is used to effectively look for the overlapping areas between the videos and then stitch them together into a single video.

And if you are curious what the experience looks like, here is what GoPro has provided using the Omni rig. Its a 360 video so make sure you have the right browser or device running to watch.

We are expecting the product to ship in August 2016. And while the price tag for the rig and 6 cameras is anticipated to be around $5000 (or the rig alone $1500), that is certainly a lot cheaper than the professional GoPro or the Nokia that we have seen earlier this year!

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