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The Swarovski Crystal Oculus Rift

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One woman who knew what women like, created this fabulous piece for all of us to enjoy!

June 12, 2016

Written by: mightedyoung

The Swarovski Crystal Oculus Rift

I saw this posted in my Facebook stream this morning and thought it was too amazing not to share with this community. It’s an Oculus Rift headset which was modified using Swarovski crystals. Best of all the CV1 headset still works like a charm, head tracking and all!

Created by a woman named Blair Scott, she said:

Really if people are gonna laugh it’s because I am wearing giant VR glasses anyway. Might as well be fabulous while doing it.

The crystals surprisingly don’t add very much weight to it and Blair said that it’s still very comfortable. Check it out

Swarovski Crystal Oculus Rift Virtual Reality



Source: VRtalk


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