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Subpac M2 literally rocks your VR world (and body!)

One of the coolest gadgets for Virtual Reality: Subpac M2

If you are planning on playing any games or just love music, then you really need to have a SubPac M2. So what is a Subpac M2? It is essentially a subwoofer that attaches to your upper body so you can experience vibration from music or a game like never before.

The product comes in two variations: a backpack (wearable model – $329) or a seatback model ($279). And although I call it a backpack, it is actually fitting around your front and back of your body to fully immerse you in deep bass. And the cool thing is that while you feel the bass from these devices, it is silent to anyone that is sitting around you. Only you can feel the bass.

The Subpac M2 gives you vibration and sensations. When playing games, you will get vibrations which are linked to your actions or reactions. And with music it gives you a deeper feeling of being present with the music.

Retail Price: $329 (wearable model for Virtual Reality)


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