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StarVR Goggles are Heading to Imax with Insane 5K & 210 FOV

StarVR Goggles are heading to IMAX for a fully immersive video experience

Starbreek, the company behind the StarVR goggles, is developing a very specific set of goggles for premium viewing experiences. They first announced their StarVR goggles at the E3 in 2015. Since then, showcased a Walking Dead VR trailer to demonstrate the crazy and cool experiences that you can have watching tv and film in VR.


What makes the StarVR experience so amazing is their 210 field of view (FOV). This is by far the widest FOV seen so far in the VR market. This is accomplished by using 2 screens with one for each eye to provide the greatest possible viewing experience. The most exciting aspect of these goggles is the fact that you retain your peripheral vision while you are looking around. Your eyes can look in any direction and there is no sense of wearing goggles. In addition the goggles are a 5K goggle, which is more than double the main vendors in the market.


StarVR IAmVR Virtual Reality

According to Starbreeze: “Starbreeze’s vision is to become a leader in the entertainment industry by delivering world class experiences. The landscape of entertainment is transforming and we strongly believe VR will be a big part of the story of our industry going forward. Our StarVR aims at bringing the next generation entertainment experiences to reality”, said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze. “By immersing ourselves into the VR field, we aim to learn fast, position Starbreeze for the future and allow people to enter into new worlds.”

Who are StarVR goggles aimed at?

Presently, what we have seen is the most recent partnership with ACER. This is to produce the goggles for the entertainment industry it appears. “The two companies aim to cooperate on the design, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and sales of the StarVR HMD (Head Mounted Display) to the professional- and location-based entertainment market.” This announcement was shortly followed by the announcement of their partnership with IMAX.

For now we can only wait to see how this develops. It certainly looks like an exciting and interesting product and I am sure many people would like to get a first-hand look and try.

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