Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Samsung launches new Gear VR and Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has announced an upgraded and new Gear VR headset – its virtual reality headset which is compatible with its latest device.

It’s not much different from the current product except that it has a slightly wider field of view and the color has been changed to a shade of blue-black so it doesn’t reflect light, which could interfere with the experience.


The new Samsung GearVR Virtual Reality The new Samsung GearVR[/caption]


Virtual reality has become a major focus for Samsung since it launched the headset in 2015, and the Gear 360 – a camera with the ability to film 360 degree content – earlier this year. It’s a market that is forecast to see explosive growth and Samsung is trying to become a leader early. Devices like the GearVR, Gear 360 and its wearables are aimed at diversifying its revenues beyond just smartphones and are key for keeping users plugged into the Samsung ecosystem, analysts said.

“If they bring VR and become leaders, or bring services like Samsung Pay that is different from Apple Pay, and they expand their wearables and if they keep developing new areas, that’s the kind of innovation that will differentiate and attract users from Apple in the future,” Jeronimo said.

Source: CNET (for the full article on the Note 7)

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