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Relaxation VR brings us to beautiful places in VR

With Relaxation VR we can be instantly transported

I love to test new apps to see what they can do, at the same time I am a bit sceptical about how good they will be. And normally my concerns are around the functionality, usability and how much I will enjoy it. And fortunately with Relaxation VR I got a nice surprise and experience. Suddenly I found myself confronted with the beautiful Ocean and beach all around me. That is exactly what I needed, after all it is summer!

relaxation VR

Relaxation VR is an app for the google cardboard goggles (or an in-phone set of goggles), and as name states it is for relaxation. It takes you to the lands far far away and ‘feel’ the sunshine. In the app you will find 3 scenes which are: Rock Pools, Beach and Great Ocean. All of them are high resolution 360 degree experiences where you can look all around and up and down. This allows you to ‘feel’ that you are really there, which is the whole point of Virtual Reality. While you are looking around you are also presented with the sounds as well such as  the waves lapping at the shore. Add the spatial audio of the beach, ocean, wind and there it is – a perfect Relaxation VR experience.

The experience is not finished there. For even more relaxation there are 3 ambient soundtracks to choose from. This is a nice bonus so you can get into the the meditation mood as well.

relaxation VR

In fact, there are guided meditations where you can choose a male or female voice to guide you into the deep relaxation. The meditation lasts for about 10 minutes and the technique is known as Nindra Yoga. Nindra Yoga is one of the most effective techniques for providing physical, emotional and mental relaxation. So while I wasn’t sure if 10 minutes would be long enough, in fact I did feel refreshed after a little 10 minute break at the office. And as busy as we all are, I think we all are able to find 10 minutes in the day to regain our sense of balance and to get re-centered.

relaxation VR

Not only is the experience with the app great, it also is super easy to use. Once you start the app, you will have clear instructions of what to do next. Once you have your goggles on, you can control the app with your eyes and head movement. I found this a very natural way to make the experience very easy. And while I am not the most technical person, I decided to try it on my mom. She had no problems with operating it and said that she felt like she was really at the beach.

Overall, I really enjoyed Relaxation VR. The app is very easy to operate with clear instructions of what to do. You don’t have to take your phone out of the goggles each time you want to change the location or the music. You can simply look at the icon and make the changes. The sceneries are amazing.  I just wish there was more of them! Luckily the makers of the app Now VR assured me that they there are planing to add more sceneries in the near future.

So all I can say is, just take 10 minutes and try it out. After all the day has 1440 minutes, I am certain we all can spare 10 minutes of that amount for our well being.

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