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Product Review: Shade VR Cardboard Goggles

We recently got our hands on a couple of Shade VR Cardboard Goggles. The company who makes them, Just VR is based in Stuttgart, Germany. They provide two different cardboard products called Shade (retail €10.04) and Shade Pro (retail €12,56).

The packaging and the way they fold up is incredibly nice. Instead of opening them up and then leaving them to lie around and collect dust, both of the products are nicely designed to fold back up into flat-pack so that you can carry them around in a large pocket or a bag.


The shade cardboard goggles are fairly basic but certainly work well. There is a nice compartment in the front which attaches by two velcro “buttons” so that the front stays closed. And the inside chamber where the phone resides is spacious but seems to manage our small Iphone 5 as well as the larger Android that we tried. There is a small flap that holds the phone in place and in using the Goggles we found that the phone seemed to be very steady. And while the pics show them in pink, we have normal white ones at the office.

JustVR_Shade_back JustVR_Shade_front_side

On the inside, there are 2 fixed lenses and a space for your nose. The space seems broad enough, but we found that the space was slightly constrictive as it wasn’t high enough for everyone to feel comfortable. Our only other concern was the the elastic strap which attaches to both sides of the cardboard kept slipping out. Now I have never been very good at tying knots, so it might be that we just didn’t quite understand the optimal way to slip the strap around each side of the goggles to hold them in place. But I think this is fairly easy to deal with anyway. Once we did get the strap firmly in place, we did find that it stayed there.

Shade Pro

Now where there were concerns with the Shade, we didn’t find these at all with the Shade Pro. In fact, the Shade Pro felt like a much bigger step up. Where the Shade Pro differs is on a few really nice features that honestly makes it worth the extra 2 Euros.


First of all, the Shade Pro has some foam attached to the cardboards which sits against your face. This makes them a lot more comfortable. In addition, the lenses can be adjusted side-to-side to fit your face. And the bonus is that because the lenses are moveable, it creates a larger cavity for the nose which makes them a lot more comfortable as well.

Final Remarks

Just VR sells these products online, but they also are very focussed on the corporate / marketing side of the business. What we found really nice is that they will brand your goggles for you. So imagine you are having an event and want to have a nice giveway; or are having a corporate event and want to provide a pair of goggles to everyone. Just VR will brand the products with your logo and whatever you request be printed on the cardboard goggles.

It got us thinking, should we hold our own event?…stay tuned, there might be more on that idea! And it will certainly include Shade Pros!

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