Wednesday , 14 November 2018
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3 ways Pokemon Go makes you naive or ignorant

Let me start by saying I love games and have a bit of a closet nerd side. So when I heard about being able to run around and play a virtual game outdoors with Pokemon Go, that intrigued me. No, actually it excited me.

Pokemon Go is a new Augmented Reality game that has just come out and has really caught the world by storm. The idea of looking for creatures, catching them and playing in teams all sounds fascinating. The idea that you are walking around in your own neighbourhood, or frankly, just about anywhere, is very interesting and exciting.

Pokemon GO

Sometimes its so easy to get stuck in the house or at work that its easy to forget that we need to get exercise. The idea of doing something to get us moving and keep us entertained in the process sounds even better.

But are there some risks and concerns we need to think about. The next three reasons should give you something to seriously think about.

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