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Oculus Connect 3 Rolls Out The Best New Games to See

Oculus Connect 3 conference is making it all about the best new experiences

The Oculus Connect 3 conference has started is stated to be their largest conference to date. They have over 50 technical discussions along with a variety of new experiences to try for both software and hardware. Naturally their CEO Brendan Iribe will be speaking. He is joined by John Carmack and Michael Abrash. As part of the conference we are expecting to hear a variety of announcements and to see some sneak peaks into what the future of VR holds for us all. One of the expected announcements is around the new Oculus Touch controllers.

What is also exciting is that we have got a variety of new games to highlight.

vox Virtual Reality

Although we know a bit about what to expect, we wanted to share and highlight a couple of interesting games that we should expect to hear more about over the coming days. While we wait to hear what is said at the event, there are a couple of interesting games that we thought worthy of highlighting for you.

If you haven’t heard of this one, Enigma Sphere is something like an escape room experience. You get to work with other people to solve the challenges set forth for you in the rooms. And while you are at it, the game has a goal of winning by saving the world in the process.

Next we have Landfall trailer. The game looks pretty exciting as a big budget game that is all about saving the world in the aftermath of a major catastrophe.

We also know from The Farm 51 that they are working on further enhancing their Chernobyl VR experience to give us an even greater level of detail and new places to explore. They told us they are heading back to some fairly unexplored parts of Chernobyl which we think will be pretty exciting to see!


So while we wait to hear more from Oculus Connect 3, have a look at those videos and start to imagine how you might want to get into Virtual Reality. There is a lot of exciting content coming soon!

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