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Want to be in two places at the same time? Meet EYSE

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Meet EYSE: The first Virtual Reality Goggles and 360 Camera set. Their new product provides a real-time connection from a camera to your goggles so that you can experience being attached to a drone, being in water, or just being at a party in another location. EYSE is the companion that lets you expand your existence through eyes and senses of another location in LIVE 3D presence, sound & motion. Join the campaign on Kickstarter now!

May 30, 2016

Written by: Paulii Good

Meet EYSE: Wifi 3d Camera For Real-Time VR Experiences and more

I have to admit that it’s really hard to impress me with new technologies, especially as a part of IamVR; I’m always on the look out for something better, faster, more functional. Many gadgets I see meet one or two criteria but rarely all three. EYSE however is really different. When I laid my eyes on this Kickstarter video for EYSE I was mesmerised and couldn’t stop watching it. Now I have so many cool ideas of how I can really use their product for my everyday life. There just seems to be an endless number of ways to use it!

I have to mention that in our household we are closet “Gadgetoholics”, so we really have to be careful what we buy! So our family policy goes something like this: “1. Do you really need it. 2. Are you sure you really need it? 3. Are you really certain/sure/100% convinced that you need it. 4. Why? 5. Show examples of usage and benefits from it.” I call this our 5-step programme to gadget-happiness 😉 and money well spent too!

What is really intriguing about EYSE is huge range of capabilities and versatility that isn’t found in any other 360/immersive technology products today. They also have a very sleek look (which I love love love) all coming in at a very reasonable price tag starting around $350.


To be honest, I think EYSE is what we have been waiting for to really get engaged in VR. Their product set consists of virtual reality goggles and a 360 camera that is a WiFi-connected companion. With the companion you can share and experience extraordinary moments in live, real 3D vision, sound & motion.

Where the innovation gets exciting is how broadly EYSE have thought about how to get engaged and to use the camera. It can be attached to a drone, is water proof to drop into water, and can be attached to other devices and can even be used as a remote security camera (watching your kids when you are out using your smart phone!)

So imagine you can take EYSE anywhere – on all of your adventures and share them with your close friends and family, who cannot join you. Fun right?

EYSE has twin cameras that capture simultaneous videos from two perspectives to create an immersive 3D experience for the remote viewer over a direct wi-fi connection. EYSE also has bi-directional audio and sends inertial and motion data to the viewer, giving them an immersive ‘in the moment’ experience of all the action.

EYSE Real-time VR Camera 3D wifi kickstarter immersive audio video gadgets

EYSE Real-time VR Camera 3D wifi kickstarter immersive audio video gadgets

For more info about this wonderful camera visit their page on Kickstarter and make sure you back them up! We all NEED EYSE in our life!

And the good news? Well, all 5 gadget qualifying questions were met, so I guess I will get one as soon as it starts shipping! Will you?

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