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Intel Outside: Finding Growth Outside Its Comfort Zone, From VR to Cars

Intel looking to explore other territories like Virtual Reality

The Intel brand was synonymous for years with the idea of “Intel Inside” and powering PCs. But lately, it’s thinking outside—the box—as it forges new partnerships and explores new territories such as virtual reality, the Internet of Things, autonomous cars and beyond.

Intel Virtual Reality IamVR

As Intel reported on its quarterly earnings call on July 20th, the senior management team led by CEO Brian Krzanich is working on transforming Intel into “a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart connected devices.” As Krzanich continued, “We continue to focus on growth in line with this transformation, as evidenced by results in the data center, IoT and Programmable Solutions business this quarter.”

The company’s Internet of Things business is starting to take off, while it’s innovating in key areas like automation for the auto industry. Case in point, as Krzanich told analysts: “We announced our autonomous driving collaboration with BMW and Mobileye, marking a significant step for the auto industry as we work together to establish an industry standard open platform for autonomous driving. In addition, we are bringing Indian computing technology to power the next generation of BMW’s highly autonomous and fully autonomous products, from the door locks to the data center.”

The verticals that have been the strongest growing for Intel have been industrial and enterprise security video type applications. Longer-term growth sectors include retail and automotive, especially in automation and connected mobility, as the BMW deal shows.

The earnings call set the stage for the company’s developer event in San Francisco, where Intel talked up investments in virtual reality, the Internet of Things and cloud computing to drive growth and innovation.

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