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Star Wars week Hologrid Monster Battle in Augmented Reality

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Remember that chess game in Star Wars? Hologrid Monster Battle is an exciting new Augmented Reality game being developed by Tippet Studios and Happy Giant to give us that unique experience to play the game.


Written by Steve Good

June 27, 2016

Imagine playing Star Wars chess: Hologrid Monster Battle is in development

Have you ever imagined or been curious about playing the hologram chess game in Star Wars? Well thanks to some very creative minds and the original creator of the Star Wars figures, it’s now closer to becoming a reality. The original designer of the holo chess pieces, Phil Tippet, is now bringing this game to life.

Hologrid Monster Battle is coming and is in development. The collaboration is between Tippet Studios and Happy Giant. They are aiming to create around 30 monster characters with all sorts of powers and abilities. They refer to Hologrid Monster Battle as a a hybrid board game; you use cards from a deck and these cards are then scanned as you play them to appear on the chess board in 3D. The game is a turn-based game much like chess or like the original Star Wars game. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponents champion while using spells and combat to progress towards that goal.

The game promises to have a lot of interesting monster characters to play with. It will support using a mobile phone or tablet to overlay the game experience on top of your existing reality so that your 2D playing cards come to life in a 3D augmented reality experience.

But despite being able to play them on your kitchen table, don’t expect the monsters to do any of the cleaning for you anytime soon! They will probably leave enough of a mess behind from their own battle.

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