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Holodia Holofit makes indoor sport an immersive and fun experience

Holodia Holofit reinvents sport and fitness with Virtual Reality

I never imagined that a company like Holodia would come along to bring us Holofit for an immersive indoor Virtual Reality sporting experience.

For many, going to the gym is often times seen as more of a must-do or chore, and less for the fun. I have often imagined being able to have a realistic sporting experience whilst doing an indoor sport such as riding a bicycle, jogging or rowing. I remember seeing on television a person putting a big screen in front of a stationary bike and having a projection of riding somewhere. I used to think “that’s cool, but not really realistic or motivating.” And I have often wondered if there would ever be something so immersive that I would really enjoy the entire indoor sporting experience, rather than be bored doing it.

Let’s be honest, staring at walls or watching the clock waiting to finish a workout isn’t very enjoyable. And from a sporting perspective, it sub-optimal for performance as well. The best exercise is really achieved when you push yourself to new limits or when you really pace yourself at a level that enables you to achieve greater improvements.

Sporting meets Virtual Reality with Holodia Holofit

Well those days of boring rowing are about to end! And from what I have seen, for the better as well thanks to Holodia Holofit.

Imagine being in a fully immersive environment. You could be rowing in all sorts of incredible places from the unreachable to the simply unreal. What if you could actually compete with anyone within that experience as well?

Holodia has developed Holofit, a Virtual Reality rowing experience. It makes rowing and sporting a whole lot more fun and exciting. So what does it do? First, you can choose a variety of destinations to make the sporting experience incredibly fun. You might just compete against a few friends, or perhaps you want to compete in a competitive professional environment and feel what its like. Perhaps you just want to go somewhere quiet and on your own. And add to that a personal trainer within this Virtual Reality environment; the system both assesses your individual performance and aids in setting stretch goals for your performance.

All I can say is I will be speaking to my gym manager this afternoon!


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