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Holocaust Survivor Witnesses Own Rescue In New VR Experience

For those who had to ensure and become a Holocaust Survivor, re-experiencing anything probably isn’t top of the list

While the number of living people who survived or fled the Holocaust is dwindling, that doesn’t mean that these people and those who didn’t make it will eventually be forgotten. In fact TIME is resurrecting LIFE via LIFE VR, producing virtual reality content for us all to enjoy and experience. One such experience is a VR short called ‘Defying the Nazis VR’. The full story, produced by Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky, and airing on PBS, has this VR companion piece, which shows what it was like for children to immigrate to America in the early 1940’s fleeing the Nazis and leaving their parents behind.
holocaust defying the nazis virtual reality

One such child was is a woman named Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom, who had escaped from Portugal via France and then headed to the US with 29 other children on the ship the Excambion. Diamant-Holmstrom and her son was able to watch the VR short on a Gear Vr headset, and the experience was simply magical. Check it out on Time.com.

The film will be shown on PBS in the US  and also made available on LIFE VR. Although that means some of us can not watch or access it, perhaps it will be made available to everyone in the near future.

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