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Fove VR tracks your eyes and head in their Virtual Reality Headset

Native eye-tracking might be the next big thing in VR. Fove VR are going beyond the mainstream VR headset players like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. They are the world’s first VR headset that provides eye tracking. Through the goggles, you are able to react and control experiences within a game or app simply through the use of your eyes.

Fove VR have built their VR Headset with sensors that track the eyes by scanning your pupils. Effectively, through eye tracking, the goggles know where you look, and therefore the game or apps knows as well. The eye control may also mean that interacting with characters in a game may be more life-like.

4 Innovative Features in Fove VR

Fove VR highlight 4 critical areas that are benefits to eye tracking VR headsets: Aim with your eyes, Focus with your vision, Make eye contact and Move naturally. The ability to aim with your eyes means that you can control more using your eyes just by where you look. Focus is also more realistic. They are able to make where you focus clear and therefore other areas more naturally blurry. This provides a more realistic feeling of images coming into focus as you look there.

Unlike other games and apps, being able to make eye contact isn’t very natural. With Fove VR, the experience of interacting with other characters such as eye contact and reacting to each other will be much more realistic. Through Fove VR, characters can react when you make eye contact with them. Through the recognition of micro-expressions from the eyes, a glance, a squint or a blink are used to convey an emotional response to a character. The character will then be able to respond back to you and behave in a more natural way.

Finally, one of the critical benefits of having eye tracking capability is the ability to reduce motion sickness. By having a more natural feeling by using your eyes you will reduce head movements to look around which will reduce the motion sickness feeling.

Within the video, there is also a demonstration where a child learns to play the piano controlled by the Fove VR headset. The project called “Eye Play the Piano” was a collaboration to demonstrate the power of eye tracking to control a musical instrument for a child that has special needs.

With Fove VR, you can use your eyes to aim, to focus, make eye contact and move more naturally. While their product is still in development, Fove VR have what looks to be the most ground-breaking product in the VR Headset market.

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