Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Enflux – The World’s First Motion Capture Clothing

Introducing Enflux, the world’s first motion capture clothing. Covering you from the neck down, the body suit analyzes the form of your entire body to help you train, improve, and prevent injuries while lifting. The shirt and pants are revolutionary as they’re embedded with ten tiny motion sensors throughout the arms, torso, and legs. The sensors communicate with the companion app to keep you informed about your form.

Enflux IamVR Virtual Reality

Made of a polyester and Spandex blend, the Enflux wearables have four-way stretch with anti-odor features and are even machine washable. The sensors, which also monitor your heart rate and O2 levels, are powered with a battery that will last up to two weeks. With each sensor just the size of a dime, the Enflux system is seamlessly integrated into your workouts and lifting.


Source: TheGadgetFlow


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