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Need help with interior design? Try Virtual Reality Decorilla

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Decorilla enables people to design and have rooms in Virtual Reality that they never had before and to create ideal rooms to enjoy or to design to have later.

March 23, 2016

Written by: Christine Martin

Virtual Reality to Design or Find Your Home? It’s Here!

Now you can experience a space from afar (or before it even exists!) before making a commitment.

Imagine stepping into your dream interior before it even exists. You spot a gorgeous teardrop chandelier that instantly transforms your dining area; your favorite love seat that you’ve had for years sits perfectly against a new wall; and the bold blue accent color in your bedroom affirms the right design decision. Yet it’s all intangible. This is your home refurbished and brought to you in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

VR Google Cardboard image of bedroom.

Experiencing interior design: the future is here

Traditionally speaking, designs and plans have always been exhibited to clients as 2-D sketches or 3-D computer images. Now, with the rise of virtual reality (VR), designers, architects and even real estate agents are able to take their clients into their potential future homes.

Essentially, VR technology is revolutionizing the way we engage in interior design, heightening the importance of visualizing your space before making big decisions. This breakthrough offers homeowners and home buyers alike an enhanced decision-making experience with a number of benefits.

Here are a few essential advantages to VR real estate shopping and home design.

Save time

Take house-hunting, for example: From checking out listings to setting up viewing appointments, looking for the perfect rental or purchase takes an incredible amount of time. One of the greatest benefits to virtual reality is its time savings.

A real estate agent can set up virtual tours of multiple homes for clients who are doing the VR walk-through from the comfort of their offices or homes. The complications of long distance interactions will be a thing of the past. With VR, a client in Los Angeles will feel confident in her purchasing decision in New York because she got to “experience” the space already.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

VR rendering of living room.

Additionally, for interior design clients, VR allows for quick modifications based on feedback, significantly reducing wait times.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

Bedroom before.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

VR rendering of bedroom.

Envision more options

Virtual reality opens the door to new possibilities. While 2-D floor plans and mood boards offer some answers, it can still be hard for clients to visualize the finished product. VR brings these plans to life, offering clear spatial solutions and the opportunity to explore colors, finishes and beyond. Instead of guessing, design uncertainties can now be quickly addressed in VR.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

Family room before.

Virtual Reality Decorilla

VR rendering of family room.

Save money

With interior designers already providing accurate 3-D models, converting them into virtual reality is a natural and easy step. This gives clients an unparalleled experience to preview their design without a lot of additional cost.

VR offers a design preview of a space before making costly commitments. The trial-and-error approach is curbed with a realistic look at your space. Now, you can see how a new console will look in the entryway, or how the combination of accent colors feels — beforemaking a decision.

Virtual Reality Decorilla
VR Google Cardboard view

No one likes to invest in something they can’t see first. With all the planning and decision-making that comes with designing or purchasing a home, it’s incredibly helpful to be able to visualize the space before committing. Now, with VR in interior design, the phrase “what you see is what you get” is not just a cliche.

Photos courtesy of Decorilla.


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