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Create and Share Amazing 3D Content Using Sketchfab

Creating and designing your own 3D content with Sketchfab

If you have ever wanted to create 3D content and share it, there is a very cool platform that is continuing to gain in popularity. Its called Sketchfab. The platform has a huge variety of content that you can explore and look at much like looking at a video platform. Currently they have over half a million creators that have contributed over 1 million 3D models. The platform can be used to publish, share and discover 3D models on your mobile phone and on your PC as well as in Virtual Reality.

Not only can you view content, you can also create content too. Sketchfab provide their own design tools that enable you to create and share your ideas on their open platform. You can create, modify, and innovate all you like with your own 3D ideas and then share them with the world. This is a great way to enable both companies as well as individual designers to share their ideas and concepts.

In fact, if you want to try out any content using a VR headset with your phone, you can get the easy to use instructions from Sketchfab right here. Its just quick click or adding the string at the end of the URL on a model on the site (/embed?cardboard=1) and you are all set to view in 3D in VR.

Integration with social media platforms

Back a few months ago, we went to visit Reality51, a company that creates a variety of content and has their own photogrammetry studio. They created a 360 photo of our CEO, which you can see here on Sketchfab. They use their photos to supply to VR content makers for games or making variety of business solutions.

In fact, Sketchfab have started to integrate with a variety of other social media platforms to enable us to really tap into and experience 360 content. They recently created what they call an “Instamuseum” gallery. The idea is that you can create a gallery of images in Instagram and then view them in your own private gallery. Sketchfab have also plugged into Twitter so that users can browse and share 3D content. They also have integration for 4D experiences with Mimesys, which is one of nearly 30 different file formats that they support. They even have gone further into the VR world by partnering with Valve to enable game developers to put their content on Steam.

What is clear is that they continue to work closely with a variety of social media platforms to enable us to embed and share our 3D models. It is an exciting time to see how 3D content is accelerating and being made so readily available so quickly.

So where does this take us next? Its certainly hard to say but for now, we will just watch this space and see how Sketchfab evolves and continues to integrate into our lives.

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