Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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An incredible visit to Chernobyl: The Chernobyl VR Project

Remember Chernobyl?

Its hard to forget the news that broke about Chernobyl. Its harder to believe that this event already occurred just over 30 years ago. April 26, 2016 was the 30th Anniversary of the catastrophe in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Earlier this year I had seen an article covering The Farm51 at the Tribeca film festival in New York and about their Chernobyl VR app. My first inclination was to assume it is a game. However, after seeing a trailer I was very surprised to discover otherwise. It turns out that they built a Chernobyl Virtual Reality immersive experience.

And now I wanted to see the Chernobyl VR experience for myself!

An incredible visit to Chernobyl: The Chernobyl VR Project, Reality51
After a bit of research, I discovered that The Farm51 are only a few hours drive so I reached out to them. It took awhile to reach them since they are still going back and forth to Chernobyl adding more content. And finally our gracious host from Farm51, Michal, invited us to visit….the day before their next trip to Chernobyl.

When we arrived in Gliwice where the company has its shared offices with Reality51 (the 3D content creators and division of  The Farm51) we were mesmerised by the amount of amazing equipment and greeted by a such kind team.

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