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Top 9 Innovative Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality

Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality IamVR

Healthcare is always taking the lead when comes to using new technology. Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality as a great innovation.

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Surgical Theater & NordicNeuroLab: VR for Neurosurgeons Now

Surgical Theater VR-Studio 2

Surgical Theater and NordicNeuroLab Announce Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation VR & Diffusion Tensor Imaging Technology to Neurosurgeons

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Augmented reality comes to neurosurgery with tech developed by Leica

Augmented reality comes to neurosurgery IamVR

Augmented Reality is coming to neurosurgery thanks to new technology from Leica Microsystems using "image injection" to enhance surgury

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Virtual Reality For The Elderly, VR Finds New Fans

Virtual Reality Elderly IamVR

Read about this amazing lady who is 103 years old and experiencing VR for the first time.

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Can Virtual Reality make us kinder?

virtual reality make us kinder

Research is being conducted by Stanford University on the impact of Virtual Reality on Empathy and "Social Good." The studies are in the early stages of understanding the relationship between VR and human relationships.

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Three Companies Using VR to Change the Future of Healthcare

Future of Healthcare

Three major VR companies in the medical arena have been highlighted by Nvidea for their innovative and creative approaches to solving medical issues: OssoVR, Bioflight VR and One Caring Team.

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Virtual reality ‘Chinook’ to help train medics in UK Armed Forces

Virtual reality Chinook

The University of Birmingham HIT designed the high-tech solution to help medical personnel to train for battlefield incidents that require emergency medicine, often administered in the back of the helicopter.

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Osso VR revolutionizes surgical training with VR

virtual reality iamvr osso vr

Osso VR are creating an immersive surgical simulator designed to train surgeons. Their focus is VR and surgical training with initial focus on orthopedic devices. And the objective is to provide virtual reality "how to" training to doctors.

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VR treatment for mental health patients wins $30k in national contest

VR treatment for mental health patients

VR Therapy and Counseling Center makes a splash in Grand Rapids as it wins $30k in national contest. The company was chosen by online voters for their services for mental health patients. They are using a revolutionary treatment for patients with mental health issues and phobias.

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Deakin University to Bring AR to Classrooms

Deaking University Bring AR Classrooms

Deakin University introduces Augmented Reality to the classroom with the first efforts to be trialled in the medicine. They will trial it with med students enable students to interact with vital organs. With ambitious plans to expand this to the classroom, they also plan to launch a Masters in AR as well.

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How Virtual Reality is Gaining Traction in Healthcare

Virtual Reality Healthcare

Virtual Reality Healthcare is seems to be getting traction. Surgeons can 'look' inside patients' body and find the best way to operate. Patients can interact with a VR doctor to get the information they want on their time schedule. What is very visible here is that VR is going places in the medical and health industry. There are still some concerns about this new technology.

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VR is being used to help cure paranoia

virtual reality solves paranoia medicine

A team of researchers at Oxford University have used virtual reality (VR) devices to help treat patients suffering from paranoia, in a further demonstration of how VR technology could help health care. VR is being used to help cure paranoia.

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VR simulation training now required for all OB/GYN residents in Denmark

VR sim training

Denmark is moving to the future, as VR simulation training now required for all OB/GYN residents in Denmark.

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Mayo Clinic May Have Just Solved One Of Virtual Reality’s Biggest Problems

Mayo Clinic May Have Just Solved One Of Virtual Reality’s Biggest Problems

If you've heard about the motion sickness issue in Virtual Reality, Mayo Clinic may have just solved it with the development of an exciting technology.

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Healing Minds with Virtual Reality

Digital mind healing virtual reality trauma

Virtual Reality keeps taking on new angles of how can we use it not only for gaming and entertainment but also to heal. Here's the story of Tommy Furlong. Healing minds with Virtual Reality.

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