Monday , 17 December 2018
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See Your Hands in VR – Absolutely Fun Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your hands in VR. Its a very sensitive and responsive dongle so that you can grasp and throw things with ease.

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Crazy Dexmo Exoskeleton with Incredible Control in VR

dexmo exoskeleton

Dexta Robotics are the producers of Dexmo Exoskeleton a haptic glove for Virtual Reality with wireless, Force Feedback, and motion control technology.

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PSVR Headset is Superb – 7 Reasons to Buy on Black Friday

psvr headset

The PSVR Headset is really quite impressive. We have put together our 7 key findings which cover everything we learned that is worth knowing.

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Lignum First VR Controller On Kickstarter Now By Remoria VR

Lignum IamVR Virtual Reality Controller

Remoria VR has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their controller that works on multiple platforms iOS and Android called Lignum

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Microsoft VR is Completely Missing the Mark Without Xbox

Microsoft VR

Although Microsoft has built their Hololens and has now suggested a possible Microsoft VR headset for a PC, are they missing an xbox opportunity?

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PlayStation VR Headset is Superb – 7 Cool Things We Learned

Playstation VR Headset

The Playstation VR Headset is really quite impressive. We have put together our 7 key findings which cover everything we learned that is worth knowing.

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Look At Those Great Looking New Vive Controllers in Dev


New HTC Vive Controllers have been teased at Steam Dev Days and they look cool. They are new controllers for waving around and really being in VR.

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Best Gamepad VR Controller: Control the Thrill of VR Games


To experience games in Virtual Reality we need more than a good graphics processor and VR headset, good gamepad is a must have to play.

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Playing Games on Gear VR: now with Xbox controller support


Microsoft is working to bring support to Gear VR with its Xbox wireless controller. First announced title to support this will be Minecraft on Gear VR.

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Thalmic Labs Just Received Spectacular Investment ($120M)

Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs are working on a new technology that allows them to detect individual finger-based gestures with a hand band, and now they received a 120M investment.

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Great News As Release Date For PSVR Is Only 3 Weeks Away

PSVR IamVR Virtual Reality

Sony PSVR is set for great expectations, as the market for Virtual Reality is set to boom. But will PlayStation VR make VR mainstream?

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1st Ever Fantastic Full Body Sensation Suit! [Skinterface ]

Skinterface Iam VR Virtual Reality

A group of designers from London’s Royal College of Art has created Skinterface, a first full body sensation Suit. All movement is controlled by sound waves.

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Leap Motion’s Magical and Blissful Universe (Weightless)

leap motion magical weightless oculus rift

With the launch of Leap Motion's latest magical zero-gravity experience, what is clear is the next step to integrate haptics with hand control.

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Leap Motion’s New Interaction Engine but is Touch Missing?

leap motion 1

Leap Motion has enhanced their controller Virtual Reality controls with their new Interaction Engine. Is this enough or do we need to touch as well?

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This is a working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun

Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun IAMVR

Working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun can reportedly stimulate a multitude of weapon fire modes and other haptic effects to the user.

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