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Ultimate and Possibly Best VR Simulator Experience (Cable Robot)

Have you ever wondered how you could really experience motion and acceleration in Virtual Reality?

Its called the Cable Robot. While the mainstream continues to develop goggles and learns how to film in VR, a small group in Germany decided to go a big step further. The Max Planck Institut for Biological Cybernetics in  Tübingen, Germany built the ultimate and possibly best VR Simulator experience.

Designed for Precision

It is a programmable experience designed to move in all 6 directions for a fully immersive 360 degree motion simulator experience. The Cable Robot was designed with a carbon fibre frame weighing just 80Kg. It is suspended by 8 cables which can each take up to 1.4 tons of tension. Imagine that kind of tension being applied to shifting you around in the cage!

Accelerating at the speed of a  Bugatti Veyron from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 s

The simulator can accelerate up to 1.5G (G-Force). That would be equivalent to driving the Bugatti Veyron and pushing it to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.3 seconds! And the power usage is 348 kilowatts of power. How much is that? Well think about running 1 washing machine or dryer for about a year non-stop! So while the power is rather high, the experience might just make up for it.

The Thrill of a Cable Robot

The outcome of course is a simulated experience from the Cable Robot which is both more realistic and certainly more thrilling as well. It can be programmed to simulate a variety of different scenarios in Virtual Reality. It is designed to be a wireless system with its own onboard Virtual Reality system. In addition there is a head mounted display with optical tracking. These features both provide the user with the realistic experience as well as to help to reduce motion sickness.

Experiences could range from a flight simulation, to racing a car, to whatever you can program or imagine. So other than a really really large room, what’s stopping you?
Designed by the Max Planck Institute for extraordinary VR experiences

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