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Autonomous: Drone Racing Virtual Reality

If you are looking for something fun and thrilling, then here is something worth looking at…Drone Racing.

Drone Racing

Innovative company Autonomous hits their goal on Indiegogo within an hour. Their goal was just $10,000. They have already raised nearly $30,000 with still a month to go for the Drone Racing Kit pitch.

What they are building is a Drone Racing Kit to create a competitive game using drones whilst wearing Virtual Reality Goggles. With the Drone Racing Kit, players can compete against their friends, create drone leagues and find interesting places to play.

The game includes drones, goggles and controllers along with cones and flags. Players create their own course to fly the drones around and have a real-time experience from the drone’s point of view as they fly. The headset is fairly similar to other in-phone goggles where the phone is used as the players screen within the goggles. The drones carry to put the player in the drone’s point-of-view. Using the mobile app, players can schedule matches, watch previous games or watch others from around the world.

The Team

Autonomous is a company of 30 people with backgrounds in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, software, and hardware.

Autonomous are on Indiegogo, and plan to launch the product in August of 2016. And the good news is that they have already started manufacturing the product.


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