Monday , 17 December 2018
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Top 9 Innovative Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality

Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality IamVR

Healthcare is always taking the lead when comes to using new technology. Healthcare Companies Using Virtual Reality as a great innovation.

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SpaceVR to Launch Exciting 360 VR Space Experience (2017)

SpaceVR Virtual Reality IamVR

SpaceVR originally funded on Kickstarter has finally got a launch agreement in place that will their Overview 1 satellite with VR 4K cameras into space.

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Look At Those Great Looking New Vive Controllers in Dev


New HTC Vive Controllers have been teased at Steam Dev Days and they look cool. They are new controllers for waving around and really being in VR.

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Valve Tease 360 Degree Video Is Adaptable For 10k resolution

10k resolution 360 degree video

Valve talked collaboration with video streaming services Pixvana and Akamai, where they'll be delivering 360 degree video streaming 10K resolution

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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

BMW's latest motorcyle concept looks very exciting. It is both free standing and is an innovative concept motorcycle coming with an AR headset

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Will You Be Evil Or Good? Morality Problems In The Assembly


The Assembly launch trailer for PSVR will raise important questions about the morality, when you will have to choose between right and wrong.

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Galaxy Note 7 Bad For Customer Safety According To Oculus

Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus disables app for GearVR for the Galaxy Note 7 due to customer safety issues, in recent weeks the phones were self-exploding

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Oculus CTO warns Virtual Reality can’t survive on novelty

Oculus CTO IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus CTO Carmack is aware that VR in its current form is a novelty and if VR is here to stay developers have to step up their game

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Amazing The Simpsons VR Couch Gag Coming With 600th Episode

The Simpsons IamVR Virtual Reality

Special virtual reality experience for The Simpsons couch gag, “Planet of the Couches,” in the milestone 600th episode of the animated series.

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Epic News: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Coming To Oculus, Thanks Disney!

Blade Runner 2049 IamVR Oculus Disney

Many people remember Blade Runner from the 80's, now Disney teamed up with Oculus to bring 'Blade Runner 2049' to VR headsets.

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Expert Report – 4 Challenges VR Has To Overcome – For Growth

challenges 1

The Virtual Reality industry is growing and we hear about it everywhere, this does not mean that the VR sector has no challenges.

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New PSVR in Trouble? Tracking Problems From Sunlight

Tracking Problems IamVR Virtual Reality PSVR

New PlayStation VR just came out and already has been subjected to claims that there are motion tracking problems when the camera is in sunlight.

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OC3 – Facebook (FB) Eager to Take VR Technology Mainstream

VR Technology Mainstream Rift IamVR Virtual Reality Facebook Oculus

Oculus Connect 3 has been very eventful, Mark Zuckerberg FB's CEO announced wireless Rift, Oculus Avatars, Investment in VR content creation and more.

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Best News from Oculus Connect 3: Oculus Is Going Wireless

wireless Oculus

Past week Oculus Connect 3 took place in San Jose, CA, where new ideas and future plans for Oculus were announced. One of the best ones was Wireless Oculus.

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Great News: Harry Potter App Now On Google Daydream

Harry Potter app

Google Daydream will have something all Harry Potter fans will appreciate, Harry Potter App. You can Swing a wand in this Virtual Reality App.

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