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10 virtual reality experiences that will really blow your mind

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If you’re looking to really enhance your virtual reality experience, the list of games and experiences below range from cool and fun and exciting to simply bizarre!

April 20, 2016

Written by: Chelsea Stark

Virtual Reality that will really blow your mind

Virtual reality can be a truly transformative experience. But if you’re a space cadet wanting to take things to the next level, no one’s gonna stop you.

In fact, we get it. In celebration of 4/20 — and really, every other day that ends in y — we want to give you the must fun, mind-melting, or relaxing virtual reality experience possible. Here are 10 virtual reality games and experiences that will take you to even higher heights.

All of the experiences below are available in some form on at least one virtual reality platform, with many planning to come to as many VR headsets as possible. So no matter which headset you’re rocking, you can hopefully find something to enhance today.

1. Tilt Brush

It’s hard to want to stop playing Tilt Brush, even if you’re sober. This app lets you paint all over 3D space, with a range of brushes that simulate fire, smoke, snowflakes and rainbows. You can paint the trippy world around you, then spend time staring at all the colors as they run together.

Virtual reality games
Tilt Brush


2. Land’s End

Land’s End — for the Gear VR — challenges you to solve mysterious puzzles in beautiful, zen world. You’ll be able to chill out among peaceful waterfalls and serene vistas in this game, made by the team behind the equally gorgeous mobile app Monument Valley. And Land’s End is simple to master, so you can focus on the amazing world instead of trying to remember any complicated controls.


3. GrooVR

Music visualizers have been a favorite product of stoners since Winamp was the MP3 player of choice. GrooVR takes it to a whole new level, as you can jump into any song on your music library and get a matching tripping visualization inside VR. And because it’s on Gear VR, it’s a perfect way to relax on the couch.


4. Audioshield

If you want a really intense experience, there’s Audioshield for the HTC Vive. This also harnesses the power of your music library, but you have to battle the beats as they sync up with each song. You’re definitely going to feel music flow through you, so maybe don’t indulge too much before playing.


5. Dot Calm: 360VR Relaxation Skybox

If you really want to relax, and are a fan of the head tingles that come from ASMR videos, you can take that experience into overdrive with a 360-video designed to hit those sensory sweet spots. The Dot Calm Relaxation Skypbox video, which even works on Cardboard, will put you in an extremely zen state — especially with herbal enhancement.


6. SoundSelf

Going deeper into the world of meditation, there’s SoundSelf. This intense VR experience is “inspired by centuries old meditation techniques fused with video game technology.” It plays a variety of visuals and low hums it pulls you deeper and deeper into a tunnel of shifting patterns. Just remember to come up for air every once in a while.

Sound self virtual reality
Sound Self


7. TheBlu

If you’re looking for a really transporting experience, dive into TheBlu. You’ll be surrounded by sea creatures as you stand on the deck of a sunken ship. It’s an experience so amazing, you’ll be hard-pressed not to think you’re actually under water.

The Blu virtual reality
The Blu


8. Job Simulator

But sometimes, the best thing to do when high is to giggle your face off. For this task, Job Simulator is the perfect tool. This virtual reality sandbox puts you into (at first) ordinary seeming worlds, until you realize how goof-ball the game’s sense of humor is. Try not to laugh as you prepare a sandwich, or do boring office work. It’s surprisingly fun. (Disclosure: This game plus weed will probably give you a serious case of the munchies, as it features a bunch of (virtual) edible food.)


9. Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games

Adventure Time already feels like a 4/20 friendly world, so it’s no surprise its virtual reality game is the same. The absurd humor and vivid worlds of Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games offer constant stimulation, as you guide Finn and Jake past enemies that include giant sandwiches and evil gnomes. It’s available for both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games


10. Butts: The VR Experience

And finally, there’s something so absurd you just have to watch it for yourself. Butts: The VR Experience may need to be seen to be believed, but we are convinced that drugs were definitely involved in the creative process. It only makes sense that being on drugs is the best way to enjoy it, too.

Butts: The VR Experience
Butts: The VR Experience


Source: mashable.com


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