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Does Tragedy Befall Robin on Batman PSVR Latest Game?

Be The Caped Crusader on Batman PSVR Latest Release

The latest installment from Rocksteady Studios takes us to Gotham in VR. Called Batman: Arkham VR, the mystery game requires you to uncover what has happened to Nightwing and to Robin. Batman PSVR is a recent game addition to the Playstation VR that provides you with about 90 minutes of gameplay.

As Batman, you get to don the cape and cowl and have access to his utility belt. You have access to a grappling hook, forensic scanner and Batarangs. You are presented with high levels of detail where you can explore the Batcave, Iceberg Lounge and even Wayne Manor as well as the dark elements of Gotham City as well. The mission all the while is to uncover what has happened to Batman’s friends Nightwing and Robin. You will use your utility belt to search for clues and to navigate within the game to solve the various puzzles and Batman PSVR mystery.

While the previous non-VR versions of the game were more action packed, the Batman PSVR version is more focussed on exploration of the dark underbelly of gotham such as the sewers. The game has woven together a narrative with really good graphics to keep you engaged as you work to solve the game. The essence of Batman PSVR is more focussed on the storytelling and puzzle solving aspects which really demonstrates the power that VR can have on a user experience.

Arkham VR is essentially the first attempt to create a more interactive version of a Batman experience, using the grappling hook to move from place to place. The focus becomes more around the interaction with the objects within the space you are in and less around freely walking around like you find in other VR games. The intricate details, storytelling and puzzles provide for a solid experience as the Black Knight.

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