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Massive Hunt for Palmer Luckey. Snap a Photo, Win VR ObserVR

Palmer Luckey ObserVR VR Prime headset

Palmer Luckey has been missing ever since he was discovered supporting Trump Memes with Nimble America. Help us find him and win a VR headset.

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Fly Free And With Ease with Eagle Flight ™ (from Ubisoft)

Eagle Flight Ubisoft IamVR Virtual Reality

Ubisoft announces the launch of their first Virtual Reality Game called Eagle Flight which is now available for Oculus Rift with plans for other platforms.

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Oculus CTO warns Virtual Reality can’t survive on novelty

Oculus CTO IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus CTO Carmack is aware that VR in its current form is a novelty and if VR is here to stay developers have to step up their game

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Epic News: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Coming To Oculus, Thanks Disney!

Blade Runner 2049 IamVR Oculus Disney

Many people remember Blade Runner from the 80's, now Disney teamed up with Oculus to bring 'Blade Runner 2049' to VR headsets.

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OC3 – Facebook (FB) Eager to Take VR Technology Mainstream

VR Technology Mainstream Rift IamVR Virtual Reality Facebook Oculus

Oculus Connect 3 has been very eventful, Mark Zuckerberg FB's CEO announced wireless Rift, Oculus Avatars, Investment in VR content creation and more.

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Best News from Oculus Connect 3: Oculus Is Going Wireless

wireless Oculus

Past week Oculus Connect 3 took place in San Jose, CA, where new ideas and future plans for Oculus were announced. One of the best ones was Wireless Oculus.

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Oculus Connect 3 Rolls Out The Best New Games to See

oculus connect

The Oculus Connect 3 is their annual conference. This year is expected to focus more on products rather than prototypes and should be exciting.

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Palmer Not So ‘Lucky’ Funding Helpful Memes Supporting Trump

Palmer Luckey Trump Memes trouble virtual reality

Palmer Luckey issues an apology for funding a questionable organisation with ties to politics and extreme points of view. This has put pressure on Oculus.

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October Is Set To Be The Best Month For VR (PSVR, Google Daydream)

Google Daydream

Seems like October is VR’s biggest month: Google Daydream, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR will release amazing equipment.

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Oculus Studios Receives An Emmy For Henry The Adorable Porcupine

Oculus Studios

Oculus Studios received an Emmy for their 9 mins long VR animated movie about a cute porcupine who is trying to celebrate his birthday.

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Lethargic Sales are Not Tragic for Oculus and Vive


Despite the supply constraints going away, HTC Vive and Oculus have suffered from Lethargic Sales. Its unclear why sales have slowed down.

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Does Mark Zuckerberg regret spending $2 billion on Oculus?

Mark Zuckerberg IamVR Virtual Reality

When Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg invested $2 billion in VR start up Oculus the world stopped.. now 2 years on he is not regretting his decision

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Google Searches: The Search is On, and HTC Takes Search Lead

oculus vs htcvive google searches virtual reality iamvr

For the first time, HTC Vive surpasses Oculus Rift on searches run in Google searches. Is this a sign of change in Virtual Reality Headsets?

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VR Teleporter: Is the future of travel sitting at home with a VR headset?

"Teleporter" IamVR Virtual Reality

This VR Teleporter along a Virtual Reality headset will transport you to places of your dreams. But will this really be the future of travel?

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Oculus Finally Gets Controllers Suitable For Manipulating Virtual Worlds

Manipulating Virtual Worlds

Oculus introduced Oculus Touch game controllers to the world on E3 in LA. Currently controllers are doing the job of manipulating the virtual worlds. Oculus Touch seems to be required only in some games. This brings the question, are they going to stick around?

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