Monday , 17 December 2018
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RideOn Revolutionizes Sports – Amazing Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn is the first maker of Mixed Reality google for outdoor and extreme sports. The goggles are designed to work in bright light conditions.

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Magic Leap Visor Patent Suggests Exciting New Tech Soon!

magic leap visor

The latest patent filed for a Magic Leap visor addresses an adjustable projection or display for each individual eye directly to each pupil.

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Be Inspired at Work: Japan Airlines & HoloLens Mixed Reality

japan airlines hololens mixed reality microsoft virtual reality

Japan Airlines and Microsoft teamed up together to develop a training program on airline engines using the HoloLens for remote learning and higher safety

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Magic Leap Just a Crazy Day in the Office (Mixed Reality)

magic leap crazy day virtual reality mixed reality augmented reality

Magic Leap is developing Mixed Reality technology so you can have a crazy day. They are using Lightfield technology to create a very realistic experience.

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Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens to tackle wild fires

Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens IamVR AG VR

Boeing is known for their technology innovation and designing airplanes. Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens demonstrates how to fight fires.

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Microsoft HoloLens Brings New Realities to Our World

Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens is helping us to realise the possibilities of using holograms in our daily lives, both in business and for consumers.

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Star Wars Magic Leap Mixed Reality Experience Trailer

Star Wars Magic Leap Lucasfilm Mixed Reality

Star Wars Mixed Reality experience could be part of our lives soon. This video trailer demonstrates how powerful Mixed Reality will be. ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm and Magic Leap teamed up to experiment and to provide some very powerful and exciting content. The Star Wars experience they have shared with us allows us to both see some of what ILMxLAB, Magic Leap and Lucasfilm's teams have created.

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