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Be Inspired at Work: Japan Airlines & HoloLens Mixed Reality

japan airlines hololens mixed reality microsoft virtual reality

Japan Airlines and Microsoft teamed up together to develop a training program on airline engines using the HoloLens for remote learning and higher safety

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Now You Can Take A Mixed Reality Experience To Mars, Courtesy of NASA

NASA IamVR VR Mixed Reality HoloLens

Nasa has teamed up with Microsoft HoloLens and created a mixed reality experience: "destination Mars" where you can take a trip to Mars in Mixed Reality.

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Hololens Currency Exchange: Best Way with Polish App

HoloLens Currency Exchange Cinkciarz Mixed Reality

Little-Known Polish company Cinkciarz.pl goes big to develop a HoloLens Currency Exchange App to provide us a potential future in banking

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HoloLens vs Oculus: Which One Does a Better Job For VR & AR?


HoloLens vs Oculus: Currently on the VR and AR front there are many Headsets. Meanwhile how do we choose the best product for us in the AR/VR battle?

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Microsoft and Legendary Excite with HoloLens and Warcraft

Microsoft HoloLens Brings Warcraft IamVR Virtual Reality

Microsoft HoloLens teamed up with Legendary to bring Warcraft to your living room. This is a great begining of fantastic things to come.

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Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens to tackle wild fires

Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens IamVR AG VR

Boeing is known for their technology innovation and designing airplanes. Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens demonstrates how to fight fires.

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Microsoft HoloLens Brings New Realities to Our World

Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens is helping us to realise the possibilities of using holograms in our daily lives, both in business and for consumers.

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The Real Promise for VR is AR in Business

business IamVR VR AR

Virtual Reality is creating opportunities in business. Bloomberg Business predicts big spending could be coming in VR and AR for businesses.

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Put a HoloLens in the Classroom and I’ll Happily Go Back to School

Put a HoloLens in the Classroom and I'll Happily Go Back to School

With Augmented Reality using headsets like Hololens, the opportunities in education increase. We can interact and create models to provide us a unique insight.

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Microsoft To Open Its Windows Holographic Platform To Partners

Windows Holographic

Microsoft definitely envisions a future where we would interact with our operating systems via a virtual or augmented reality platform, which is why they have announced that they will be opening up their Windows Holographic platform to their partners in hopes that this will spur them to create devices that will make that future a reality.

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Meta 2 first impressions: AR feels closer than ever.

Meta 2 first impressions: AR feels closer than ever.

Meta 2 first impressions: AR feels closer than ever. The AR headset that could knock out Microsoft HoloLens.

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‘Destination: Mars’: NASA Readies Virtual Red Planet Treks (with ‘Buzz Aldrin’!)

buzz aldrin augmented reality mars virtual reality

Explore the surface of Mars, as the Virtual Red Planet, without ever leaving Earth! Wow!

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Alex Kipman: A futuristic vision of the age of holograms, walking on mars

Microsoft hololens

Walking on Mars or experience a new 3D world - incredible!

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