Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Meet Volume: First Ever Hologram Display With Great Features

hologram display looking glass factory volume

Volume is the First Ever Hologram Display Made By Looking Glass Factory. You can use it to play games, create animations and print 3D sketches.

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Microsoft HoloLens Brings New Realities to Our World

Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens is helping us to realise the possibilities of using holograms in our daily lives, both in business and for consumers.

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‘Destination: Mars’: NASA Readies Virtual Red Planet Treks (with ‘Buzz Aldrin’!)

buzz aldrin augmented reality mars virtual reality

Explore the surface of Mars, as the Virtual Red Planet, without ever leaving Earth! Wow!

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Alex Kipman: A futuristic vision of the age of holograms, walking on mars

Microsoft hololens

Walking on Mars or experience a new 3D world - incredible!

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