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Would You Be Surprised if Nintendo Tried VR a 2nd Time?

Nintendo NX IamVR Virtual Reality

Nintendo has tried Virtual Reality once before many years ago. Now rumours and speculation about Nintendo have started again. Will they jump back in?

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Genesis – Fight, Battle and Win in Augmented Reality Game

genesis dragon

Check out the newest and up-and-coming Augmented Reality game from Genesis. Battle with fire breathing dragons in a real time game play.

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Sadly is this the Farewell of the Computer to Virtual PC?

virtual PC IamVR Virtual Reality

With the start of the Virtual Reality era, will this change how we view (and use) a PC. The process has already started with the concept of virtual PC.

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Ultimate and Possibly Best VR Simulator Experience (Cable Robot)

cable robot virtual reality iamvr

Discover what its like at 1.5 G-Force to be in a Virtual Reality Simulator. Designed by Max Planck Institut in Germany, the Cable Robot looks amazing.

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5 Exciting Additions to PlayStation VR Worlds Collection


PlayStation VR Worlds Adds more games into its collection, The London Heist, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey, Ocean Descent, Dangerball

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Scream And Drive With DriveClub VR (On PlayStation VR)

DriveClub VR IamVR Virtual Reality

DriveClub VR for Playstation VR might be one of the best driving games out there in Virtual Reality. Design is key factor to making it work.

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HTC China President Warns PlayStation VR headset Price Is Misleading

PlayStation VR headset

HTC China president has concerns about misleading cost of PlayStation VR headset, as the cost of all the components is much higher than $399.

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This is a working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun

Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun IAMVR

Working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun can reportedly stimulate a multitude of weapon fire modes and other haptic effects to the user.

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Tactical Haptics shows us future of VR controller in Oculus

Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip motion controller IamVR Virtual Reality

Tactical Haptics has developed a VR controller with vibration integrated with Oculus Rift for a more realistic experience

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Sony announces PlayStation VR space requirements—is your room big enough?


Sony announces the room size requirements for Playstation VR and the space required is a bit more than expected for the average person

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OBE Wants To Dress The Fashionable VR Gamer

OBE Wants Dress Fashionable VR Gamer iamvr

Fashion is catching up with the technology of Virtual Reality. Star-up company called OBE is on a mission to bring immersive fashion for gamers.

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Why Minecraft VR is a Big Deal for Virtual Reality

Minecraft VR

Minecraft is going VR and this is a big deal for the players that are looking to hang out with their friends in Virtual Reality space. The game offers so much more than just entertainment, it's seen as great source of creativity. The type of creativity that you could call art, and every artist would love to share their artwork. Minecraft let's you do that but it seems like some platforms are not so friendly.

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Tails in Virtual Reality, the classic Snake gameplay

Tails in Virtual Reality

If you already have your brand new HTC Vive and are looking for a new game then Tails in Virtual Reality might be your next go-to game. It looks like it will be one of those games that you will not be able to stop playing. The game was developed by DreamCave Studio based in Norway.

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The future of gaming is virtual reality, in real time, on Facebook

Virtual reality real time facebook

Minkonet, a Seoul based company is trialling out live-VR streaming on social media platforms. Their aim is to introduce software that will allow live streaming in 360 of popular games. If others follow suit, as predicted bya Facebook executive, than Facebook might soon be full of live action VR games.

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Major Gaming Industry Players Jump into VR at E3 2016

Major Gaming Industry Players

Major Gaming Industry Players seemed to take the plunge and jumping into Virtual Reality. With major players like Microsoft, Capcom, Bethseda, Rocksteady Studios, Square Enix, all announcing VR games at E3. This and next year brings a lot of hope to all the gamers interested or already hooked on VR.

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