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Horror Week – Top 3 Best Horror Apps For Halloween

Best Horror Apps Halloween iamvr ar vr

There is so many games and apps for mobile devices, here are the best horror apps out there. Try them and get ready for Halloween.

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Will You Be Evil Or Good? Morality Problems In The Assembly


The Assembly launch trailer for PSVR will raise important questions about the morality, when you will have to choose between right and wrong.

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New PlayStation VR – 10 Important Facts Before You Buy

PlayStation VR IamVR

The new PlayStation VR is coming out on October 13th and the price is $399, plus you will get the demo disk with all the best games to try out.

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Be a hero in this silly game: Rescuties! VR on Kickstarter

Rescuties! VR

Every time I think that I have seen it all, Kickstarter comes to amaze me yet again. This VR game is called Rescuties! VR and you can help to make it happen on Kickstarter! Ever wanted to save babies and other fluffy, adorable creatures? Here is your chance as this game is all about rescuing cuties. Check out the video for more aweee.

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Lucky’s Tale Is The Gold Standard For Third Person VR Video Games

Lucky’s Tale

Slowly fading freeze frames of the titular Lucky fade in and out inside his adorable little apartment as a narrator explains your simple motivation to complete the game: to rescue your friend the pig from a kidnapping monster. Lucky's tale it's an instant hit!

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[Updated] Capcom Jumps Into Virtual Reality With ‘Resident Evil: Bio Terror’

Capcom Jumps Into Virtual Reality With 'Resident Evil: Bio Terror'

The Middle East Film & Comic Con recently wrapped up in Dubai, and it played host to an announcement that should inject VR enthusiasts and fans of Capcom’s “Resident Evil” series with no shortage of excitement. “Resident Evil: Bio Terror” exists, and it’s coming exclusively to virtual reality.

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7 Games You Can Mod to Add VR Support Right Now

7 Games You Can Mod to Add VR Support

Here are some of the more exciting games that you can mod with VR right now!

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Oculus Rift Review: Rejoice, for the Age of Virtual Reality Has Begun


Oculus Rift Review: The famous face-computer finally begins shipping this week. Will it change everything?

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