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Everysight AR Sunglasses Help Cyclists Achieve Greatness

Everysight AR Sunglasses

Everysight AR Sunglasses, called Raptors, are currently available for test pilots for cyclists and triathletes to optimise their performance.

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VR is Better When You Can Achieve Touch (Manus VR)

Manus VR Haptic Touch Virtual Reality

Manus VR haptic gloves enable you to touch and feel in Virtual Reality. Their gloves are stylish, have a variety of sensors and are machine washable!

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Be Inspired at Work: Japan Airlines & HoloLens Mixed Reality

japan airlines hololens mixed reality microsoft virtual reality

Japan Airlines and Microsoft teamed up together to develop a training program on airline engines using the HoloLens for remote learning and higher safety

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Be Fearless in VR- Run, Crouch and Jump Virtuix Omni Trailer

Virtuix Omni

With Virtuix Omni, you can run, jump, walk and crouch. Their technology is designed to give you freedom to move while being in a stationary support ring.

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Live racing in Virtual Reality with Castrol Edge

Live racing virtual reality castrol edge

Castrol Edge brings an amazing experience of driving a car with a Virtual Reality helmet on. The driver is unable to see the real road but is presented with a virtual road to drive on for the experience.

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Oculus Rift Delivery Issues: delayed due to ‘component shortage’


Oculus Rift Delivery Issues: Oculus is refunding and waiving delivery fees for almost every customer!

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Experience Virtual Reality surfing in Tahiti with GoPro

Virtual Reality surfing

Watch this without Virtual Reality Goggles. Simply incredible!

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Virtual reality roller coasters at Six Flags


Six Flags is debuting virtual reality roller coasters at its amusement parks this spring and its incredible!

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Oculus Rift Review: Rejoice, for the Age of Virtual Reality Has Begun


Oculus Rift Review: The famous face-computer finally begins shipping this week. Will it change everything?

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