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Oculus CTO warns Virtual Reality can’t survive on novelty

Oculus CTO IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus CTO Carmack is aware that VR in its current form is a novelty and if VR is here to stay developers have to step up their game

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OC3 – Facebook (FB) Eager to Take VR Technology Mainstream

VR Technology Mainstream Rift IamVR Virtual Reality Facebook Oculus

Oculus Connect 3 has been very eventful, Mark Zuckerberg FB's CEO announced wireless Rift, Oculus Avatars, Investment in VR content creation and more.

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Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR and AR

VR and AR IamVR Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg at the Q&A in Rome, made the prediction that VR and AR will be the most social platform, whether in Facebook or through other platforms

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Does Mark Zuckerberg regret spending $2 billion on Oculus?

Mark Zuckerberg IamVR Virtual Reality

When Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg invested $2 billion in VR start up Oculus the world stopped.. now 2 years on he is not regretting his decision

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4 Awesome Stocks Poised to Dominate the Virtual Reality Market

Virtual Reality Market IamVR

Wondering which companies to invest? Here are 4 stocks to consider that are possible plays for the Virtual Reality Market

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The FCC Chairman is Concerned About VR Privacy And Your ‘Virtual Footprint’

VR Privacy

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, recently visited Stanford University's Virtual Reality labs. The topic: VR privacy and its footprint on the internet. It seems there is a lot to think about. Surprisingly, while VR devices are tracking our head movements they are also gathering quite significant amount of personal data. This could be a cause to concern for VR users.

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The future of gaming is virtual reality, in real time, on Facebook

Virtual reality real time facebook

Minkonet, a Seoul based company is trialling out live-VR streaming on social media platforms. Their aim is to introduce software that will allow live streaming in 360 of popular games. If others follow suit, as predicted bya Facebook executive, than Facebook might soon be full of live action VR games.

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Introducing 360 Photos on Facebook

360 Photos on Facebook

The time has come that Facebook jumped on the 360 train by introducing 360 Photos on Facebook.

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Facebook’s Oculus team makes its way to London

Facebook's Oculus team makes its way to London

Facebook's Oculus team starts its move in into Europe with his first Virtual Reality team based in London, UK.

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TwoBigEars joins Oculus Rift, FB buys

TwoBigEars Oculus Rift Facebook binaural sound virtual reality

TwoBigEars audio joins Oculus Rift. Facebook's acquisition of TwoBigEars brings a new dimension to the Oculus Rift offering by now providing an immersive binaural sound experience in addition to the visual experience with the googles.

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Oculus Rift Delivery Issues: delayed due to ‘component shortage’


Oculus Rift Delivery Issues: Oculus is refunding and waiving delivery fees for almost every customer!

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Opinion: The best stocks for the virtual reality revolution

virtual reality facebook oculus rift

Invest in Virtual Reality stocks. Here are some great ideas.

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Oculus Rift Review: Rejoice, for the Age of Virtual Reality Has Begun


Oculus Rift Review: The famous face-computer finally begins shipping this week. Will it change everything?

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