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Everysight AR Sunglasses Help Cyclists Achieve Greatness

Everysight AR Sunglasses

Everysight AR Sunglasses, called Raptors, are currently available for test pilots for cyclists and triathletes to optimise their performance.

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Rejoice with Astonishing Train Speed & AR too (Hyperloop)

hyperloop augmented reality

Hyperloop One expands their research into delivering high speed trains, awesome technology, and perhaps even Augmented Reality Displays

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7 Big and Cool Announcements from Microsoft October Event

microsoft vr

Microsoft held their conference in October to announce some of their new products and direction and this even included a VR headset concept

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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

BMW's latest motorcyle concept looks very exciting. It is both free standing and is an innovative concept motorcycle coming with an AR headset

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4 Fun Ways We Can Profit From AR (in our Future Workplace)

Future Workplace

Virtual and augmented reality have impacted many industries. So what does your future workplace look like? Here are 4 things that might happen.

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10K Instances Of Distracted Driving A Day Due To Pokemon Go


There are about 10000 distracted drivers and pedestrians each day on the road in the USA, while playing the Pokemon Go, as reported on Twitter

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Wow Something New: Investment Tips (vCommerce vs aCommerce)


Virtual and Augmented Reality make up an industry projected to be worth over $120bn by 2020. So where should you spend your money? vCommerce or aCommerce?

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Tim Hortons New Trading Card AR App brings NHL Players to Life

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards now have a mobile app to bring NHL Players to life, as you drink your coffee.

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Wow: Snapchat Users New Era Begins Now (With Camera Glasses)

Snapchat IamVR

Snapchat has launched Spectacles camera glasses which will allow its users to connect directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to their device

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Twilio Will Help You To Have AR On Your Device Now

Twilio IamVR

Twilio is a software maker that helps to build voice, messaging etc into app we are all using including WhatsApp, now adding AR in our devices

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Hololens Currency Exchange: Best Way with Polish App

HoloLens Currency Exchange Cinkciarz Mixed Reality

Little-Known Polish company goes big to develop a HoloLens Currency Exchange App to provide us a potential future in banking

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Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) Is Frustrated With Virtual Reality

Tim Cook VR IamVR

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple believes that Augmented Reality is the future and that more focus should be on technologies in AR than Virtual Reality.

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Genesis – Fight, Battle and Win in Augmented Reality Game

genesis dragon

Check out the newest and up-and-coming Augmented Reality game from Genesis. Battle with fire breathing dragons in a real time game play.

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Will BT Sports Win With This New Immersive Software PIERO?

Piero IamVR Man utd

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has signed BT Sport as its first client for PIERO Augmented Reality Software system.

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Bold Move For Apple, Will Iphone Be The First To Be Integrated Into AR?


EPGL a contact lens maker will start talks with Apple in regards to integrate IOS system in the company lenses - AR integration.

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