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Horror Week – 3 Best Horror Movie Trailers For VR Headset

The Insidious 2 Horror IamVR Virtual reality trailer

Just in time for Halloween Mood setting I have a real treat for you - 3 Best Horror Movie Trailers which are available for 360 and VR

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Horror Week – Aggravate The Ghost In The Forest Trailer VR

Suicide Forest IamVR 360 video trailer VR IamVR

The Forest Trailer will make you happy that you do not have a twin that just happened to disappear in The Suicide Forest.

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Horror Week The Walking Dead Surround You In This 360 Video

The Walking Dead 360 video IamVR VR Zombies

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has kicked off with this terrifying 360 video, where you are surrounded by hoards of zombies and have no chances to escape.

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Valve Tease 360 Degree Video Is Adaptable For 10k resolution

10k resolution 360 degree video

Valve talked collaboration with video streaming services Pixvana and Akamai, where they'll be delivering 360 degree video streaming 10K resolution

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Wow, World Chess Championship 1st Time Featured Live in VR

World Chess Championship IamVR Virtual Reality

We have seen a variety of sports starting to engage with VR and now World Chess Championship will be Featured Live in Virtual Reality.

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Will New CEO George Kliavkoff Make Jaunt VR a Success?

Jaunt VR IamVR Virtual Reality

Cinematic virtual reality company Jaunt, announced that it has appointed George Kliavkoff as chief executive officer. This Veteran media executive joins virtual reality startup.

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First Ever 360 Virtual Reality Ballet Inspired by Swan Lake

Virtual Reality ballet IamVR

The Dutch National Ballet have created the world's first ever Virtual Reality ballet to bring you into a completely immersive experience beyond ballet.

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Brilliant Fireproof VR Camera Rig May Save Lives One Day

Fireproof VR Camera IamVR

Firefighters in New Zealand are testing Fireproof VR Camera that potentially will save lives one day, hopefully in the near future.

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Great News Nokia’s Ozo VR Price Drops 25% (Heading To China)

Nokia’s Ozo VR IamVR

Nokia's Ozo VR camera is an expensive piece of professional filming equipment whose price just dropped 25% as they also preapre to sell in China

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VR Training Turns Olympic Triathlon Course Into Motor Memory

VR training IamVR Virtual Reality

Gwen Jorgensen’s secret training tool is VR training. Through muscle memory training, your body will respond to the environment from previous training.

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This Is How Virtual Reality Will Change Entertainment And Possibly Everything Else

Virtual Reality Will Change Entertainment IamVR

Toronto based film makers are talking about how Virtual Reality will change the way we make movies

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Canada’s first popup VR cinema courtesy of Gear VR

VR cinema

Canada had it's first Virtual Reality pop up Cinema, thanks to Gear VR.

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VR Visio can take you for a ride in a Cadillac CT6 in Barcelona

VR Visio IamVR Virtual Reality

A VR tour inside a car? VR Visio collaborated with Cadillac to create an immersive experience inside the luxury Cadillac CT6. The experienced premiered at an automotive trade show EXPO. Just put your VR goggles on, and the journey begins...

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Euronews to launch virtual reality news with Google support

Euronews virtual reality IamVR

Pan-European news channel Euronews is to launch a virtual reality news reporting project with funding from the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund.

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GoPro 360 camera rig called Omni


The latest GoPro 36o camera rig called the Omni is expected to be coming out later this year. And while not cheap, it fits into a pro-sumer price range making it somewhat affordable.

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