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Surgeon Simulator VS Donald Trump

In summary

Surgeon Simulator is a game where you are the medic and can operate in Virtual Reality. Now the creators added a special feature, surgery on Donald Trump. If you always dreamed on performing a surgery, here is your chance. Now you can express your opinion in VR regarding presidential election, before you hit the polls. You decide how you want to treat the democratic candidate.


Surgeon Simulator: Donald Trump Meet the Medic

Now this is pretty darn funny, especially if you are not exactly a Donald Trump Supporter. Surgeon Simulator has just released an update to their game, which allows the gamer to operate on none other than Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. The update, which is part of the Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, will allow the gamer to do all sorts of interesting things to Trump as he lays helpless on the Hospital bed, atop an American Flag pillow.
Donald Trump

The developers of the game, Bossa Studios, are also keeping track of how many people give Trump a Gold Heart during the operation, and how many opt for the heart of Stone. Thus far 59% to 41% are in favor of the heart of stone. Perhaps this foreshadows of the general election? According to the developers of the game, which is available for both the HTC Vive and Oculus VR headsets, close to $1 billion in fake virtual money has been spent thus far on cumulative Trump surgeries.

Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him, and now you get to operate on him! Free NOW to all owners of Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition on Steam, wrote the developers on their Facebook page.

There are two ways to upgrade to get this new part of the game:
– If you own Surgeon Simulator, upgrade to the Anniversary Edition – This costs $3
– If you don’t own Surgeon Simulator, buy the Anniversary Edition – This costs $13

Check out the promotional video for the new stages of the game below, and let us know if you’ve operated on The Donald yet:


Source: VRtalk

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