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Soon you can turn your hotel room into a Virtual Reality sex den


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We all know the meaning of the “hotel sex”, let’s face it most of us done it and loved it. Virtual Reality takes us to another world, where you can pick your partner on demand in your hotel room and have a Virtual Reality sex den. Sounds futuristic? Not anymore, thanks to tech company AuraVision.

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Business trips and vacations are about to get a whole lot saucier: VR porn headsets are coming to your hotel room.

Virtual reality porn company VR Bangers recently announced a collaboration with tech company AuraVision to create x-rated headsets for hotel rooms, aptly named the “VR Bangers Hotel Experience,” where you, the horny hotel guest, can ‘invite’ a porn star up to your room for a steamy night of imaginary lovemaking.

Virtual Reality sex den

Once you buy the service for $19.99, you’ll select the woman (or man) of your choice, and then you’ll hear a knock on your virtual reality door. Who is it? Oh, it’s your computer generated sex playmate, ready for you to ravish her. Exciting! What’s even better is that the headset replicates the appearance of your specific hotel room, allegedly offering you a more realistic sexperience (hah).

For now, the VR Bangers Hotel Experience is only available in select Las Vegas hotels, but the company hopes that as VR experiences becomes more popular, more and more hotels will start to offer the service. So don’t worry about Dad if he says he’s sick and stays in the hotel room during the family vacation to Disneyland: He’s probably having a grand time.

Is virtual reality porn in a hotel room a good idea? Yes, for the people getting off to it. Not so much for housekeeping. We apologize in advance.

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