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Scary Thought. Now Google’s buys API.AI for Understanding Us

Google’s Artificial Intelligence is One Step Closer to Conquering Voice Recognition and Chatbot Space with API.AI Acquisition

Google has announced that they will continue to push in the AI space having now acquired API.AI. This is the latest acquisition by Alphabet into machine learning with a startup that develops applications to build natural language recognition.

Google recently published a blog where they speak further about their vision and direction about AI. API.Ai, based in Northern California, provide a robust toolkit for developers. It enables them to take their apps and integrate speech recognition.

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So is API.AI and where does it take us?

Think of the replacement to Siri as the next generation in voice recognition and interaction. Instead of building their own tools, they can use some native tools that are standardised and ready to implement. It also means they can create their own methods for integrating into apps leaving a lot of room to expand and explore how language interaction works and evolves. API.AI now join the ranks of a variety of other Google companies that they have acquired to enhance their language learning and AI capabilities.

Now the only question is whether we need to be worried about our future jobs? There have been various claims by analysts that with AI will come a potential replacement of jobs in communications such as call / support desk services for example. Forrester group has suggested 6% although is that realistic? And how fast will that really occur. History has often shown that with one set of jobs fading away, there is another type that gets created. That has certainly been the case where manufacturing jobs have simply shifted to high tech ones; manual labor in one area got automated and simply replaced with another skill set.

So what do you think? Is this the beginning of “Rise of the Machines?” or will having automated intelligent chatbots mean that you can actually call for services again. Perhaps the best thing that comes from this is actually the replacement of automated telephone systems with automated speakers. The idea of speaking to someone or something to get help certainly has more appeal than sitting on hold and dialing through an automated call system!

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