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RideOn Revolutionizes Sports – Amazing Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn is the First-Ever Outdoor Mixed Reality Sports Headset

We see a lot of indoor VR simulation experiences for sports. There are flying machines, being a bird, rowing experiences and various biking and riding experiences. Some of these indoor VR sports simulations are pretty fun, but all have a similar limiting factor. You have to be confined to an indoor experience. RideOn see the world in really cool way and have decided to take a different route.

RideOn have built the first-ever active sports goggles for mixed reality. The goggles provide you a mixed reality experience outdoors and are designed for extreme light conditions. If you imagine comparing this to other Augmented and Mixed Reality products on the market, they all have a common problem: you really need to be indoors or in “normal” light conditions to use them.

Check out our video demonstration of the RideOn Ski Goggles

The product inspiration came from their background in flying planes in the military and using various forms of Augmented Reality. The founder, Alon Getz, who is an avid skier and loves sports, realised the potential and set out to develop the RideOn products.

The First Mixed Reality Ski Goggles with Tons of Features

Having completed a successful round of funding on Indiegogo, the team at RideOn have been working round-the-clock to get their first product, a Mixed Realty Ski Goggle, out onto the market. The goggles are built with an onboard computer with 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor and an ARM Cortex 9. In addition, goggles come with an onboard camera that can record up to 3 hours of footage. They also have built-in bluetooth so that you can be connected to the internet with your phone. Controls within the goggles are managed using your eyes which is both practical and very cool as well.

What makes these goggles so interesting is that you can create a slalom or obstacle course experience while skiing. You select the course and then find a series of rings appearing in front of you in the snow. You are then timed and measured for your accuracy as you ski through the rings. In addition, you can coordinate with your friends to meet them and maintain contact while skiing or snowboarding. If you have been skiing, you probably know how annoying it is to pull off your gloves and dig out your phone to find out where your friends are. With the RideOn goggles, you can avoid much of this hassel by contacting them straight through the goggles without having to use your hands.

The Sports Market Remains Completely Untapped

Going beyond skiing and snowboarding, market research shows that the Augmented and Mixed Reality market is really in its infancy. Analysts in the industry have speculated that it could reach $20B by 2020. And within that there is a huge market for a variety of sports and uses such as motorbike helmets, bicycle glasses, sky diving goggles to even displays for boating and flying.

RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles
RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles
RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles

So is this Just the Ultimate Gadget or is it Practical?

The potential uses for making sports more engaging, fun and social certainly is more than appealing. Its both practical and also can enhance our entire sporting experience. There is also the potential that with more information available you can make better decisions and even train better or harder. Imagine having your heart rate on display while you are running or having information available to help you optimise your workout. All of this is possible and certainly part of the RideOn mission.

Having spent time analysing their product, researching the market and speaking with their team, there is a lot more to come from RideOn. We are excited and anxiously await to see what their product roadmap delivers in the near future. And until then…RIDE ON!


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