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Retail Enters Big in AR Space – Freezy’s Christmas Adventure

Are you going shopping with your Freezy’s Christmas Adventure ?

So what is Freezy’s Christmas Adventure ? Well, Christmas is clearly upon us, even if we feel it is way too early. As soon as Halloween ended, retail stores geared up to for the Christmas celebrations. The busiest time of the year unless you are taking into consideration retail in the pre-online shopping area.

Retail is clearly in trouble with booming online sales, which are slowly taking over. It has become easier to purchase items online and have them delivered to your home. Luckily for retail, many people enjoy shopping trips. This love for shopping in person is keeping retail alive.

Retail solution to online shopping

Keeping that in mind British Land with Harmony Studios have developed an AR app for shopping malls. Freezy’s Christmas Adventure is an app that will make shopping trips easier especially with children. Freezy’s Christmas Adventure is a present hunting App that inspires families to pursue five steps. Those 5 steps will allow the snowman Freezy to overcome hardships and collect presents for Santa Claus. The App is aimed at 3- 9 year olds but I am sure that older ‘kids’ will play too.

Freezy’s Christmas Adventure

Ben Dimson, Head of Business Development for British Land, said: “Consumers want places where they can shop, eat and be entertained. We put our customers at the heart of our offer and Freezy’s Christmas Adventure will give families visiting our centers a fun and memorable experience. Our scale enables us to invest in innovation and industrialize successful technologies across the business.

“We have a loyal customer base who often shop with their children (18.3% compared to the national average of 14.8%) so we think a family game that can be safely uploaded and played again and again is perfect for our customers and their children.”

Freezy’s Christmas Adventure campaign runs through 24th Dec 2016.

Its available to play in regional and local malls including the below:

  • Beaumont, Leicester
  • Broughton, Chester
  • Crown Point, Denton
  • Drake Circus, Plymouth
  • Ealing Broadway, W5
  • Eden Walk, Kingston
  • Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh
  • Glasgow Fort; Inverness
  • Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • New Mersey, Speke
  • Nugent, Orpington
  • Old Market, Hereford
  • Orbital, Swindon
  • Serpentine Green, Peterborough
  • SouthGate, Bath
  • St Stephen’s, Hull
  • Surrey Quays, SE16
  • Teesside, Stockton
  • Tollgate, Hampshire
  • Colchester, Hampshire
  • Whiteley, Hampshire

Freezy’s Christmas Adventure is the first of a four campaign partnership between British Land and Harmony Studios.


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