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Play VR in 900,000 SQ Feet with Innovative Modal VR

Modal VR Fills a Gap in VR with Complete Freedom of Movement in Large Spaces

Remember back to the days of Atari? Perhaps not, although the origins of Atari games such as Pong may be more familiar. Fast forward to today and we have a new exciting company called Modal VR. Founded by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese) and Jason Crawford (the company’s technical genius and chief executive).

The idea behind Modal VR is that it is both a hardware and software company. Their portable hardware is designed so that you can set up and run a VR experience in a huge area. The system is designed to support and enable multiple players to interact in a space of around 900,000 square feet (83,600 square meters)! The Modal VR equipment has standing motion sensors, full body sensors and wireless VR Headsets. This gives you the the freedom to move around without cables. The equipment is also designed to be fast so that you don’t experience delays in the game or experience (with under 10 milliseconds of latency).

Bushnell and Crawford have decided to build the company aimed more at the corporate and business market aimed more at events and experiences than individual gaming. They see the opportunities in a wide range of areas including gaming, education, training and even eSports. Essentially they are aiming at a variety of markets and and users that can benefit from apps created to solve problems and create solutions.

Modal VR also have plans to create an app store and ecosystem for developers to create and share content. They believe there are wider variety of problems, opportunities and experiences that we can create and are building a platform to fill these needs. So the idea is that developers can actually solve problems that businesses have; and this is in some ways bigger than just making games.

The creation of Mythic Combat, seen in this video, just gives you a sense of the potential for wireless VR equipment. I can imagine the potential for military training could be huge for example.

So what kinds of games, apps or experience could you imagine that would solve a business or technical problem in the world today? Share your thoughts. I am sure Modal VR would love to hear from any of you developers or entrepreneurs as well!



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