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Overkill Goes Live and VR, Exciting 40 Hours of Game Time

The Makers of Overkill Launch New VR Version

If you are into the shooting and military tech type games, then this new game is worth checking out. The original makers of Overkill 1, 2 and 3 have now gone Virtual Reality. Their new game has just gone live on Steam for the HTC Vive as well as VivePort and it is really cool.

We tried out the game just to get a feel for it and it was pretty impressive. There are a lot of choices for weapons with customisations which makes for an interesting game. You can also move from level to level more by how you play than by a specifically scripted way of playing which also is a great feature.

The thing that really stands out for us is the fact that Overkill VR just has a lot of gametime the way it is designed.  We recently caught up with the team over at Game Troopers and they talk about 40 hours of play and were even more excited by how realistic they have attempted to make every weapon within the game. Now to be honest we aren’t really experts in the world of weapons, but to be fair the level of detail was pretty amazing.

Overkill VR

What we also like is the crouching and standing responsiveness we get out of the game. That was of course particularly important when we were being shot at! Now of course the downside is that once you get into the game, you really want to move around for real and of course are limited by the cables and room. In an ideal world, we would love to try out Overkill VR with Virtuix, which enables you to run, crouch and in stationary rig.

Overall, our game play was really pretty good for a first try and we look forward to giving it a longer run to see what additional weapons we can get our hands on. The two-handed ones look pretty cool so we really need to give those a good try soon!


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